Listen what my body wants

Before the night, I was planning to read book in a garden. Refreshing my mind. And then would have breakfast in a cafe and also working remotely. It was such a wonderful day, right?

Unfortunately, on the day, my alarm was waking me up at 6am. I was so tired and can’t wake up at all. Kept delaying the alarm. When I woke up, it was already 8am. :( I started to feel bad and blaming myself, “Why?”

Okay, after few hours, I reframe my mind immediately. I know body, mind and soul are connected. We need to listen to each other. But “I know”, doesn’t mean I believe or I know how to take action in my subconscious mind. This is what I tell myself:

If I couldn’t make the plan, I should let it go and plan the events again which I was allowed to do on the day. I mustn’t keep delaying the alarm, due to my body was even more tired. Apart from good sleep, I need to have healthy food too.  

I failed to read book in a garden in the early morning, it was okay. I knocked off early and went to a garden in the evening for a walk. I was still feeling great. 

From this small story in the day, I realise what is the meaning of listening your body needs and not what your mind wants, when your body can’t handle it. 

Lots of love, Tiffy

Spark Light

I have a friend, SeeMei (team mate), we are working together more than 3 years until now.

At the beginning, I found very hard to communicate with her. Actually, she was quite bossy and fierce! Like a “Dai kai jie” (big sister). But it is her characteriser. She was my first colleague ever.

In 2nd year, I changed myself completely, learn to think in the her shoes about her points of view. I respect her, at the same time, I feel better and great. As long as I am not fighting to win. However, I fight for happy feeling. I am not learning only to hear her, but I also understand more how people think and feel. Thus, I would not try to hurt people from my mouth. 

3rd year… I am learning of live improvement again, a big step. I am losing my spark light. 

Now, I am grateful, she finds her little spark lights. Finally, she shared her stories to me. I am so impressed and grateful what she has been tried to change! LOLx

Today, we had a nice chat. Perhaps you couldn’t feel anything about our spark lighting… But we do feel about happy and love. Love ya, SeeMei.

My ingredients of learning is to listen and think in the shoes of someone

Loves, Tiffy 

I am NOT a writer

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer. I wrote a story on a piece of paper. Every time I started to write, there were just 2 sentences. As you guess, I gave up in the end.

Okay, fine. I am a designer, a UX, a “feeling” designer, I wear my users’ shoes to design the application for them, I feel what they feel. Feeling from heart, let me learn to write and speak well. I want to learn communication between human. So that I can understand well what my users think and behaviour. It is so subjective. But it’s really hard. Reading users’ mind, it’s not an easy task.

I read some advices, how to improve my writing and speaking.

For writing, I really need to keep writing. Don’t care about grammar and everything. Just think and write whatever I want.

What about Speaking? THINK before I speak. I also find out that I am speaking in rush, sometimes forget to see my audiences expression and check whether they understand what I am talking about?! 

So, I want to be professional writer? NO… I just want to learn what kind of situation to make my users fall in love to me.

Awesome… learning in progress.